Letter From Our Chairmans
                                   Greetings Family Members,

We trust and pray this correspondence finds you and your family well, uplifted, and enjoying the blessings of God through His Son, Jesus
Christ.  First and Foremost, always giving honor, glory, and praise to God; thanking Him for allowing us to celebrate another year of family,
heritage, and tradition.  Our family has grown in size and this is our attempt to get everyone together, share our history, and create new and
stronger memories.  It is our duty as a family to pay homage to our past and look forward to our future. The 2016 Family Reunion
Committee has been working feverishly to plan a joyous and memorable weekend, filled with activities and entertainment that you don’t
want to miss!  

There is a family FACEBOOK Page
LAVENDER FAMILY GROUP, which I encourage everyone to visit and pass along to as many family
members as possible.  There will be a copy of the Registration Packet available online for family members that did not receive the
information via mail.  This site will serve as online genealogical tool to learn more about our family history, especially our enslaved
China Lavender & her daughters, Margaret and Eliza, who were born in South Carolina in the 18 & 19th Century and
Ferdinand Lavender, who was an enslaved negro born in the Panhandle Community of Spaulding County, Georgia.  
Margaret & Eliza and
their descendants were brought to the Mantua Community of Greene County, Alabama in 1834 and trained to be farmers, gardeners,
painters, builders, distillery workers, drivers to gangs, nurses, midwives, cooks, house servants, blacksmiths, coach men, seamstresses,
weavers, brick & cabinet makers, carpenters, coppersmiths, tailors, barbers, undertakers, stonemasons, overseers, and shoemakers.  They
were our preliminary antecedents that co established our family dynasty.  

We are very excited about the upcoming reunion and we thank you in advance for all your love and support.  Join us as we celebrate one
another and maintain our spirit of unity, love, and fellowship as a family in Atlanta, Georgia.  We pray that our reunion will be a time of
Remembering, Rejoicing, Recreating, Renewing, but, more importantly, REUNITING.  That’s what it’s all about; bringing the family together
and initiating love, which is part of God’s Masterpiece!

Love and Continued Blessings,
Jerome Wilkins, Atlanta Chapter Chairman
Alexander Lee Barrett, Atlanta Chapter Co – Chairman,
Alexander Lee Barrett, Co - Chairman

CEO of Kingdom Publishings, Inc, Black genealogy
researcher, novelist, educator, entrepreneur,
historian, Black history activist, & web designer
Jerome Wilkins, Chairman

Minister of the Gospel & Employed with
Genuine Parts Co